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Please Note: These may not be stock items. Please speak to your sales representative about lead times. Lead times, price and availability can only be determined on receipt of an official quote from our supplier. This can sometimes take up to 3 days.

Flösser Globes


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Based in Trier, Germany, Flösser has supplied automotive lighting products for over 50 years. This included globes for cars, motorcycles, trucks and buses. Flösser is not only known for its high quality products but also for customer service. They offer personal assistance, short delivery times, economical means of transportation and a quality product to meet the demands of every customer.

The supply of OE and aftermarket customers is the main reason for Flösser’s growth in this industry. Flösser is represented in over 70 countries, including a distribution centre in the USA.


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TrylecHD Globes

TrylecHD GlobesClick on image to enlarge TrylecHD globes include globes for cars, motorcycles, trucks and buses. TrylecHD is known for its high quality products but also for it reliablity.

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Osram Globes

Osram Globes

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As the world market leader in automotive lamps, OSRAM offers a wide range of products: the standard lamps of the ORIGINAL LINE as well as the innovative product families for more light, service life and and a stylish appearance - all in original spare part quality.
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Iconiq LED Headlight Globe Sets

Iconiq LED headlight globes
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High power LED Headlight Globes, loved by Americans, now available in RSA.

• Long lifespan > 50 000 hours
• Easy plug and play installation
• Eco friendly and energy saving
• Brighter than halogen bulbs
• Excellent heat dissipation via copper metal
• No big ballast or noisy fan
• Good light pattern

Improve the safety of your drive by switching to GEN5 LED Headlights today!

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       Trysome boasts a broad and
       deep auto-electrical and collision
       avoidance product range:


Alternators & Components
Starters & Components
Work Lights
Engine Protection
Safety Lighting
Forward Lighting
• Air-Conditioner Parts
• Fire Suppression Systems
Cab Filtration
DPCu (Digital Power ControlUnit)

Service & Installation

Re-manufactured Starters &
Servicing & Maintenance
• Product Fitment & Installations
Field Service for Underground
Auto-Electrical, Aircon, Fire
Suppression & Cab Filtration

Underground Auto Electrical

Battery Power Packs
• Machine Maintenance
Collision Avoidance Systems
• Communication Systems
• Instrument Panels
• Battery Charge Bays
• Isolation Units
• Manufacturing, Refurbishing
 & Repairs of Remote Controls, 
 Instrument Panels & Harnesses

Batteries & Accessories

Light & Heavy-Duty
Conventional Batteries
Sealed Maintenance Free
Battery Chargers
• Accessories
• Battery Testing & Fitment at
The ConneXion

Collision Avoidance Systems

Radar Systems
GPS Traffic Awareness
Rear Vision Cameras
Wheel Chocks
Fatigue Monitoring Systems
Personnel & Asset
Management Systems
Tyre Pressure Monitoring

Light duty auto-electrical

Alternators & Components
Starters & Components
Automotive Lighting
• Product Installation, Service
& Repair now available at The