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Please Note: These may not be stock items. Please speak to your sales representative about lead times. Lead times, price and availability can only be determined on receipt of an official quote from our supplier. This can sometimes take up to 3 days.

Muirhead Air Cleaner Restriction Warning Systems

Muirhead Air Cleaner Restriction Warning SystemsClick on image to enlarge

Damage to engines due to extremely dusty conditions or poor air filter maintenance can cause premature engine failure and reduce machine availability. The Muirhead® Air Cleaner Restriction (ACR) Warning systems can help prevent this by monitoring the air filter restriction caused by blocked filters. The Muirhead® Air Cleaner Restriction (ACR) Warning system has a red LED pilot lamp and alert sonar. This indicates to the operator when the air cleaner restriction has reached the point that the air cleaner needs cleaning or replacing. 
Part No.:  TBA 
OE No.:  TBA 


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Muirhead Coolant Level Kits

Muirhead Coolant Level KitsClick on image to enlarge

The Muirhead® Coolant Level Kits are designed to monitor engine coolant level on motor powered equipment to prevent premature engine failure. In the event of a blown hose or cracked seal, most engine temperature gauges and protection systems will not detect loss of coolant fluid. This is due to the fact that gauges and temperature switches rely on sensing the coolant temperature and when there is no coolant, the gauges cannot sense the temperature. The Muirhead® Coolant Level Kits eliminate these concerns by warning the operator that the coolant has reached a dangerously low level. This warning allows the operator enough time to take preventative action before major engine damage occurs.


Part No.: TBA


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Muirhead Engine Protection Systems

Muirhead Engine Protection Systems Click on image to enlarge

The Muirhead® Engine protection system (EPS) is designed to monitor practically any alarm condition on virtually any machine. The electronic EPS is smaller in design and integrates more features than all of its previous models. With no mechanical parts, the EPS control module is extremely reliable, easy to install and simple to use. This system follows in the footsteps of its predecessors delivering purpose built, failsafe engine protection. Every EPS control module can be customised to monitor known problems and functions commonly associated with equipment failure. This is one of the many reasons why Muirhead® products are the preferred equipment protection systems for South African and international mines, contractors and OEM’s.                                                                                                 

Part No.: TBA


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Muirhead Excess Idle Shutdown

Muirhead Excess Idle Shutdown Click on image to enlarge

The Muirhead® Excess Idle Shutdown System is designed to detect if the machine had idled for long periods and safely shuts off the machine. It also protects diesel engine and turbo chargers against immediate shutdown damage. The system can also turn off lights, air conditioning and other electrical components one minute before engine shut off occurs, thus avoiding flattening the vehicle’s battery. The unit is capable of controlling the engine shutdown circuit and up to six auxiliary circuits before shut off occurs.


Excess Idle Shutdown:
Part No.: T4683
OE No.: 4683 
Optional: Relay Box:
Part No.: T3362
OE No.: 3362


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Muirhead Idle Timers

Muirhead Idle Timers Click on image to enlarge

The Muirhead® Idle Timers are designed to moderate extreme operating temperatures before final shutdown occurs on mobile equipment. The idle timers regulate temperatures in the engines and turbo components, by idling the engine for a set time period before final shutdown occurs. The idle timers are a cost effective means of protecting diesel engines and turbo components from excessive wear due to immediate shutdown without an idle period.


Part No.: TBA


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Muirhead Ladder Lighting Controller

Muirhead Ladder Lighting Controller Click on image to enlarge

The Muirhead® Ladder Lighting Controller is designed to limit injuries when climbing and descending machine ladders. The lighting allows the operator to clearly see the ladder rungs as they board and exit their machine. The system allows the operator to turn on the ladder lights from either the cabin or ground position prior to exiting or boarding the machine. Once the ladder lights have been illuminated, they will turn off after a preset time to minimise power consumption. The time delay for turning off the ladder lights can be adjusted between 1, 2, 4 and 8 minutes.


Part No.: TBA


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Muirhead Light Vehicle Overspeed System

Muirhead Light Vehicle Overspeed System Click on image to enlarge

The Muirhead® Vehicle Overspeeds are designed to offer above ground and below ground machines with basic general purpose speed protection. The overspeed systems detect overspeed and inhibits the throttle to take positive action against increased speeding. The system is purpose built to detect speed violations and is best suited for use on manual 4WD service vehicles, buses and trucks. The overspeed systems are suitable for all types of makes such as Toyota, Nissan, Kowari, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Mazda, Holden and Ford.


Part No.: TBA


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Muirhead Low Oil / Fuel Level Warning Kit

  Muirhead Low Oil/Fuel Level Warning KitClick on image to enlarge

The Muirhead® Low Oil/Fuel Warning Kits are used to detect low diesel fuel levels. When low fuel level is detected, the LED will illuminate and the audible alarm will sound. The probe’s electronic circuitry is enclosed within a single sealed unit. The level sensor will suit any diesel fuel application for either mobile or stationary equipment. A distinct advantage of this switch, over a float switch, is it’s compact design and high resistance to vibration. It contains no moving parts. The switch being isolated allows it to be used in an above ground application.


Part No.: TBA
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