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Please Note: These may not be stock items. Please speak to your sales representative about lead times. Lead times, price and availability can only be determined on receipt of an official quote from our supplier. This can sometimes take up to 3 days.

Control Master Dozer Remote Control Systems

Control Master Dozer Remote Control Systems Click on image to enlarge


• Prevents repetitive stress injuries
• Maximises machine utilisation
• Greater overall operator vision
• Improved ergonomic working environment for the operator
• Less idle time between production cycles
• Reduce the risk of slip injuries getting on/off machine
• More control of critical machine tolerances
• Hazardous machine tasks can be completed safely.                                                            

Part No.: TBA
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Care Drive Fatigue Early Warning System

Care Drive Fatigue Early Warning System

Click on image to enlarge

Driver Fatigue Early Warning System

Wake up to the dangers of driver fatigue

Despite decades of public awareness and mitigation efforts, over 70 percent of rural highway accidents remain single vehicle events. The greatest risk occurs during twilight and night. Nonetheless the MR688 works 24/7 under all conditions including if the driver is wearing sunglasses.

When the infrared camera / sensors simply monitor your pupil's changing characteristics, it never sleeps, blinks or takes a break, and when you start exhibiting unsafe patterns, it sounds an alarm.

  • Works in any weather
  • Works if you wear glasses, sunglasses or contact lenses
  • Works during the day and at night

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Part No.: TBA
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Earth Track External Payload Display Kit

Earth Track External Payload Display Kit 

Click on image to enlarge

The EarthTrack™ External Payload Display Kit (EPD) is designed to allow loader operators  to view the truck’s payload weight whilst they are loading. The EPD connects directly into the truck’s on board payload transmitter unit and mounts on the truck’s exterior.
 Part No.:  TBA
 OE No.:  TBA
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Safety Solutions Fragmetrics

Safety Solutions Fragmetrics Click on image to enlarge

FragMetrics employs a high-resolution camera mounted on the shovel where it has a clear view of thematerial inside the bucket. The image from the camera is continuously analyzed by an embedded computer installed inside the operator cabin and a high brightness LCD touch screen provides a user interface for the machine operator. Images of the full bucket before and after fragmentation analysis as well as fragmentation results are stored on a high capacity (4+ GB) industrial grade Compact Flash card. A 4GB card can store more than 3 months of fragmentation data

Part No.: TBA

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Safety Solutions LED Fire Fly Safety Flag

Safety Solutions Safety Flag Click on image to enlarge

2m high safety flag with LED night light and day glow flag. 1m extension available.                 


Part No.: T260015201
OE No.: STR-708R
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ProxyVolt Power Line Warning System

  Safety Solutions Proximity Detection SystemClick on image to enlarge

The ProxyVolt PV5015 is a state-of-the-art device used for detecting the electrostatic field of any AC power line no matter what the current flow. It provides both audible and visual signals to alert the operator when equipment comes within the set proximity to a power line.


Part No.: TBA
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Starters & Components
Work Lights
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Safety Lighting
Forward Lighting
• Air-Conditioner Parts
• Fire Suppression Systems
Cab Filtration
DPCu (Digital Power ControlUnit)

Service & Installation

Re-manufactured Starters &
Servicing & Maintenance
• Product Fitment & Installations
Field Service for Underground
Auto-Electrical, Aircon, Fire
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Underground Auto Electrical

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Collision Avoidance Systems
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• Isolation Units
• Manufacturing, Refurbishing
 & Repairs of Remote Controls, 
 Instrument Panels & Harnesses

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Conventional Batteries
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Collision Avoidance Systems

Radar Systems
GPS Traffic Awareness
Rear Vision Cameras
Wheel Chocks
Fatigue Monitoring Systems
Personnel & Asset
Management Systems
Tyre Pressure Monitoring

Light duty auto-electrical

Alternators & Components
Starters & Components
Automotive Lighting
• Product Installation, Service
& Repair now available at The