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Please Note: These may not be stock items. Please speak to your sales representative about lead times. Lead times, price and availability can only be determined on receipt of an official quote from our supplier. This can sometimes take up to 3 days.

NordicLights KL001/2 LED Work Light

Nordiclights KL001 LED Work LightClick on image to enlarge

The Nordic KL1001/2 LED work lamp is an affordable upgrade for your lighting needs. The KL1001/2 LED matches the basic introduction level needs for heavy-duty lighting and is the right light when replacing halogen work lights.


1000 lm:
Part No.: TKL1001
OE No.: KL1001 LED
1500 lm:
Part No.: TKL1002
OE No.: KL1002 LED
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NordicLights N4401 LED Scorpius Quake Edition

Nordic Lights N4401 LED Scorpius Quake Edition
Click on image to enlarge

The Nordic SCORPIUS LED N4401 QD work lamp offers strong illumination and is equipped with the revolutionizing QUAKE dampening system. The new QUAKE dampening system takes protection against vibration and shock to a whole new level never seen before. Suitable for harsh conditions and a range of applications.


Part No.: TN4401
OE No.: N4401 LED

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NordicLights N10 Work Light

Nordiclights N10 Work Light
Click on image to enlarge

The Nordic N10 LED work light is extremely compact in size and light in weight. This work light can be mounted in tight places where you are not able to fi t a standard lamp. The Nordic N10 LED boasts low power consumption, high durability and is waterproof.


Part No.: TBA

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NordicLights N100 Work Lights

Nordiclights N100 Work Lights
Click on image to enlarge

This popular series is used by many O.E. manufacturers in several different configurations to provide excellent worklighting in conditions where only heavy duty lighting will stand up to the task.


Part No.: TBA


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NordicLights N100 Twinpower

N100TPClick on image to enlarge

Mounting options include vertical, pendant and flush mount as well as a 360° indexable side mount, the Nordic N100 series is as versatile, as it is rugged. This design also includes an extra heavy duty bulb holder and integral seal to ensure longevity in the harshest of conditions.


Part No.: TBA
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Nordiclights N200 Work Lights

Nordiclights N200 Work LightsClick on image to enlarge

Exceeds O.E.M standards for vibration, moisture and dust ingress. The rugged construction of this range incorporates a heavy duty anti-vibration mount and heavy duty bulb holder. Ideal for use in mining, earthmoving and construction equipment.


Part No.: TBA
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NordicLights N200 HID Work Lights

Nordiclights N200 HID Work LightClick on image to enlarge

The Nordic HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamps are designed to withstand demanding requirements. Xenon tubes are much brighter than ordinary halogen bulbs, therefore the use of HID lamps will result in extended alternator life and fuel savings. HID lamps generate less heat and are durable against vibration and shock. The great luminous intensity of the HID lamps make the light very similar to daylight, which improves working safety.


Part No.: TBA
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NordicLights N220 LED Work Light

Nordiclights N220 LED Work LightClick on image to enlarge

With a superior quality of illumination, vibration and shock resistance meeting the most stringent requirements, the Nordic N220 LED work light meets the expectations of the most requiring customers.


Part No.: TBA
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